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Helen Maclaren map of Nyasaland drawn in the 1945

Helen Maclaren map of Nyasaland drawn in the 1945 for the Governor, who never paid for it.
Malawi - Nyasaland historical moments

Her gift for creating decorative slaps came to the notice of the Governor of Nyasaland, Sir Edmund Richards, who asked her to create a second map; this time encompassing the whole of Nyasaland. She rose to this considerable challenge and, over a period of eleven months, whilst standing at a large table, completed what remains to this day probably the most charming and coveted of maps of the Land of the Lake. As reference sources for the many vignettes she created to decorate the map. Helen used Sir Harry Johnston's British Central Africa for the animals and a book by a Dr. Fitzmaurice for the insects. For her pictures of birds she would almost certainly have consulted Roberts' Birds of Southern Africa.

Helen Bregger worked with the unwavering belief that she had been commissioned by the Governor of Nyasaland and that she would be compensated, through the purchase of her artwork, by the Nyasaland Government. To her understandable horror and disbelief, in the event such proved not to be the case.

At this time her husband, Walter Bregger, was employed by the Conforzi Tea and tobacco Company of Cholo (Thyolo). Mr. Ignacio (Puccie) Conforzi, recognising the artistic worth of Helen's cartographic endeavour, came to an arrangement with her whereby he paid her a fee and sent her map to a publisher in London where it was converted into colour separations for publication. In return for the fee and the copyright, Helen received an agreed number of the printed maps for her own use.

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