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Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baker, Walter  18 Oct 1895Texas, Usa I137981 Ancestorium 
2 Bartton, Maude  Abt 1909Texas, USA I138008 Ancestorium 
3 Bartton, Robeert J  Abt 1884Texas, USA I138005 Ancestorium 
4 Cadena, George Grady  1947Texas, USA I137635 Ancestorium 
5 Courtney, William J  14 Dec 1876Texas, USA I137092 Ancestorium 
6 Darby, Graves  Abt 1890Texas, USA I137636 Ancestorium 
7 edgar, Octavia  Texas, USA I125105 Ancestorium 
8 Holden, Eliza "Poly"  1858Texas, USA I078574 Ancestorium 
9 Jones, James Preston  1921Texas, USA I120950 Ancestorium 
10 Malina, Caroline  Abt 1890Texas, USA I137552 Ancestorium 
11 Malina, Carolyn Louise  1 Oct 1915Texas, USA I137549 Ancestorium 
12 Malina, Frank J  Abt 1913Texas, USA I137553 Ancestorium 
13 McKinney, Martha Delila "Mattie"  Abt 1857Texas, USA I137618 Ancestorium 
14 Mercer, Alvin  Abt 1868Texas, USA I137556 Ancestorium 
15 Mercer, Eloise  Abt 1882Texas, USA I137558 Ancestorium 
16 Mercer, William R  Abt 1890Texas, USA I137533 Ancestorium 
17 Mizar, Delbert Wallace  10 Aug 1923Texas, USA I124985 Ancestorium 
18 Parkinson, James Thomas  9 Jan 1861Texas, USA I137061 Ancestorium 
19 Parkinson, John Martin "Matt"  4 Mar 1859Texas, USA I137058 Ancestorium 
20 Parkinson, Joseph "Joe"  6 Mar 1867Texas, USA I137064 Ancestorium 
21 Parkinson, Lucy Lula  13 Jun 1878Texas, USA I137069 Ancestorium 
22 Scates, Sarah Elizabeth  May 1836Texas, USA I123614 Ancestorium 
23 Smith, John Augustus  Feb 1851Texas, USA I137420 Ancestorium 
24 Williamson, Maud  10 Oct 1889Texas, UsA I137996 Ancestorium 
25 Wylie, Eloise  16 Mar 1902Texas, USA I137534 Ancestorium 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bailey, Michael Stuart  9 Apr 2014Texas, USA I121313 Ancestorium 
2 Hargrove, Rhoda Ann  Aug 1868Texas, USA I097822 Ancestorium 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 McKaig / Rupe  1921Texas, USA F60808 Ancestorium