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Battle of Flodden



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Balfour, Michael 1st of Munquhanny  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I021287 Ancestorium 
2 Blackadder, Robert (Sir) of that Ilk  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I118942 Ancestorium 
3 Booth, John (Sir) of Barton  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I057334 Ancestorium 
4 Boswell, Alexander 3rd Balmuto  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I041404 Ancestorium 
5 Boswell, Thomas 1st of Auchinleck  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I041443 Ancestorium 
6 Campbell, Archibald 2nd Earl of Argyll  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I000939 Ancestorium 
7 Campbell, Duncan (Sir) 2nd of Glenurchy  9 Sep 1513battle of Flodden I015286 Ancestorium 
8 Campbell, Ivor 7th of Strachur  9 Sep 1513battle of Flodden I037870 Ancestorium 
9 Campbell, John 1st of Lawers  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I015330 Ancestorium 
10 Cathcart, Alan Master of  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I022318 Ancestorium 
11 Cleland, Alexander 9th of Cleland  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I072313 Ancestorium 
12 Colville, Robert (Sir) of Hiltoun & Ochiltree  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I023780 Ancestorium 
13 Crauford, John 11th of Craufurdland  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I038718 Ancestorium 
14 Craufurd, Robert of Auchenames  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I049633 Ancestorium 
15 Crichton, Adam of Ruthven  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I038751 Ancestorium 
16 Crichton, James yr of Ruthven  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I025310 Ancestorium 
17 de Carnegie, John of Kinnaird  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I028984 Ancestorium 
18 Douglas, John 5th of Mains  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I088511 Ancestorium 
19 Douglas, Robert (Sir) of Lochleven  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I011808 Ancestorium 
20 Douglas, William (Sir) 6th Baron of Drumlanrig  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I017673 Ancestorium 
21 Douglas, William (Sir) of Glenbervie  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I004197 Ancestorium 
22 Dundas, Alexander of Fingask  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I038860 Ancestorium 
23 Dundas, William (Sir) 15th of Dundas  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I018257 Ancestorium 
24 Edmonstone, William (Sir) 4th of Duntreath  1513Battle of Flodden I028171 Ancestorium 
25 Elphinstone, Alexander 1st Lord  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I022213 Ancestorium 
26 Erskine, Alexander  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I029525 Ancestorium 
27 Erskine, John 4th of Dun  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I029338 Ancestorium 
28 Erskine, John (Sir) of Dun  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I015720 Ancestorium 
29 Erskine, Thomas  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I029520 Ancestorium 
30 Fitzwilliam, John  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I052236 Ancestorium 
31 Fitzwilliam, Thomas of Aldwarke  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I052234 Ancestorium 
32 Fotheringham, Thomas 5th of Pourie  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I058074 Ancestorium 
33 Fraser, Hugh  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I021016 Ancestorium 
34 Gordon, Alexander (Sir) 2nd of Touch  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I022319 Ancestorium 
35 Gordon, Alexander (Sir) of Kenmure YrofLochinvar  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I020549 Ancestorium 
36 Gordon, William (Sir) of Schivas & of Gight  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I029400 Ancestorium 
37 Graeme, Archibald 3rd of Garvock  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I037918 Ancestorium 
38 Graham, William 1st Earl of Montrose  9 Sep 1513battle of Flodden I010923 Ancestorium 
39 Gray, Robert of Leithfie  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I045356 Ancestorium 
40 Haldane, John (Sir) 5th of Gleneagles  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I040775 Ancestorium 
41 Hamilton, John 1st of Airdrie  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I049764 Ancestorium 
42 Hay, Gilbert (Sir) of Delgaty & Ardendraught  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I049167 Ancestorium 
43 Hay, John 2nd Lord of Yester  9 Sep 1515Battle of Flodden I010649 Ancestorium 
44 Hay, Thomas  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I010630 Ancestorium 
45 Hay, Walter of Carnmucks  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I049175 Ancestorium 
46 Hay, William 4th Earl of Erroll  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I003652 Ancestorium 
47 Henderson, James 1st of Fordel  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I038468 Ancestorium 
48 Henderson, James\Robert younger of Fordell  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I038467 Ancestorium 
49 Hepburn, Adam 2nd Earl of Bothwell  9 Sep 1513battle of Flodden I002543 Ancestorium 
50 Hepburn, Adam (Sir) of Craigs  9 Sep 1513Battle of Flodden I023689 Ancestorium 

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