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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Armenia, Sanatruces I King of  Unknown I113743 Ancestorium 
2 Armenia, Vologasus I King of  Unknown I074773 Ancestorium 
3 Babylon, Kahana I 23th Exilarch of  Unknown I072053 Ancestorium 
4 Egypt, Bocchoris King of  Unknown I063404 Ancestorium 
5 Masters, Annals (Wikipedia) of the Four  Unknown I071434 Ancestorium 
6 Osburh  Unknown I002684 Ancestorium 
7 Scotland, Alexander (Sir)(of Dunnater Marischalof  Unknown I024591 Ancestorium 
8 Tu, Zang  Unknown I081644 Ancestorium 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Able  UNKNOWNunknown I027054 Ancestorium 
2 Adam, Descendants of Y-Chromosomal  UNKNOWNunknown I119539 Ancestorium 
3 Adam, Many generations to Y-Chromosomal  UNKNOWNunknown I032701 Ancestorium 
4 Adamson, James  2 Nov 1884unknown I094768 Ancestorium 
5 Adamson, John  6 Aug 1863unknown I128346 Ancestorium 
6 Adamson, Sarah  UNKNOWNunknown I128170 Ancestorium 
7 Adamson, Thomas  UNKNOWNunknown I128422 Ancestorium 
8 Adeane, Robert Jones  UNKNOWNunknown I077139 Ancestorium 
9 Adrasteia, Primordial Goddess  UNKNOWNunknown I076570 Ancestorium 
10 Aether, the Upper Sky Primordial  UNKNOWNunknown I081704 Ancestorium 
11 Ailech, Domnall macAedo Findliath O'Néill King of  UNKNOWNunknown I003018 Ancestorium 
12 allies, lorises and  UNKNOWNunknown I124167 Ancestorium 
13 Aloc  UNKNOWNunknown I002804 Ancestorium 
14 Alsace, Luitfride\Eberhard II Count of Upper  UNKNOWNunknown I072227 Ancestorium 
15 Amabilla  UNKNOWNunknown I100491 Ancestorium 
16 anamensis, Australopithecus  UNKNOWNunknown I124190 Ancestorium 
17 ancestry, alternative  UNKNOWNunknown I042403 Ancestorium 
18 Andress, Harry Tatum  1935unknown I126923 Ancestorium 
19 Angenwit  UNKNOWNunknown I002805 Ancestorium 
20 Anjou, Adéle of  1026unknown I072024 Ancestorium 
21 Anjou, Ermengarde Princess of  UNKNOWNunknown I030724 Ancestorium 
22 Anjou, Fulk III "the Black" count of & Vendôme  21 Jun 1040unknown I006613 Ancestorium 
23 Anjou, Gerberga of  962unknown I043400 Ancestorium 
24 Annan, John  UNKNOWNunknown I108156 Ancestorium 
25 Annan, John James  UNKNOWNunknown I108038 Ancestorium 
26 Annan, Kate Thom  UNKNOWNunknown I108039 Ancestorium 
27 Annan, Mary  UNKNOWNunknown I108158 Ancestorium 
28 Annan, William  UNKNOWNunknown I108157 Ancestorium 
29 Aquitaine, Daughter of  UNKNOWNunknown I009833 Ancestorium 
30 Aram  UNKNOWNunknown I027011 Ancestorium 
31 Ardipithecus  UNKNOWNunknown I124207 Ancestorium 
32 Argengau, Welf Count of  UNKNOWNunknown I009841 Ancestorium 
33 Armderg, Arthur  UNKNOWNunknown I038927 Ancestorium 
34 Askell, Anne  UNKNOWNunknown I135971 Ancestorium 
35 Askytel  UNKNOWNunknown I113116 Ancestorium 
36 Assaracus  UNKNOWNunknown I042612 Ancestorium 
37 Asshur  UNKNOWNunknown I027009 Ancestorium 
38 Atoms, First  UNKNOWNunknown I131825 Ancestorium 
39 Australopithecina  UNKNOWNunknown I124205 Ancestorium 
40 Auxerre, Adelaide of  UNKNOWNunknown I009845 Ancestorium 
41 Auxerre, Hugh Abbott of  UNKNOWNunknown I009843 Ancestorium 
42 Avenay, Bertha Abbess of  UNKNOWNunknown I009832 Ancestorium 
43 Azrial  UNKNOWNunknown I052738 Ancestorium 
44 Azura  UNKNOWNunknown I027055 Ancestorium 
45 B, BT Haplogroup  UNKNOWNunknown I119357 Ancestorium 
46 bacteria, 1-2 billion years of  UNKNOWNunknown I102284 Ancestorium 
47 Baeldaeg  UNKNOWNunknown I002802 Ancestorium 
48 bahrelghazali, Australopithecus  UNKNOWNunknown I124191 Ancestorium 
49 Baraka  UNKNOWNunknown I052734 Ancestorium 
50 Barakiel  UNKNOWNunknown I052733 Ancestorium 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dutton, Geoffrey of Nether Tabley  unknown I057443 Ancestorium 
2 Montgomerie, George of Skelmorlie  unknown I004103 Ancestorium 
3 Warham, Agnes  unknown I877630 Ancestorium