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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Agnes  Abt 1859Scotland I135041 Ancestorium 
2 Margaret  Abt 1836Scotland I129589 Ancestorium 
3 Adamson, Patrick Dean of Merchant Guildry  Scotland I080569 Ancestorium 
4 Alexander, William Wolf  1690Scotland I111974 Ancestorium 
5 Allan, Alexander  1825Scotland I1421 Ancestorium 
6 Allan, James Hugh  1839Scotland I1423 Ancestorium 
7 Angus, Maud of  Abt 1045Scotland I120789 Ancestorium 
8 Banks, Norman  Scotland I134250 Ancestorium 
9 Birtwell, Ellen  16 Aug 1871Scotland I138503 Ancestorium 
10 Birtwistle, Agnes  Abt 1849Scotland I154728 Ancestorium 
11 Blair, Catherine  Abt 1640Scotland I060358 Ancestorium 
12 Blair, Margaret  Abt 1706Scotland I084007 Ancestorium 
13 Blair, Neil  1897Scotland I133423 Ancestorium 
14 Brice, Daniel  Abt 1847Scotland I132345 Ancestorium 
15 Brown, Agnes Nancy  1740Scotland I876186 Ancestorium 
16 Brown, David (John Drummond)  Abt 1750Scotland I010951 Ancestorium 
17 Brown, James Robert  Scotland I104888 Ancestorium 
18 Burrie, Cecilia  Abt 1905Scotland I127740 Ancestorium 
19 Cameron, Anne  Abt 1785Scotland I109902 Ancestorium 
20 Cameron, Donald (Angus) of Lot 6-4 Rox  Abt 1761Scotland I057106 Ancestorium 
21 Cameron, Isabel  1862Scotland I159368 Ancestorium 
22 Cameron, Mary  Abt 1785Scotland I109901 Ancestorium 
23 Campbell, Isabella  1456Scotland I099615 Ancestorium 
24 Campbell, James  1632Scotland I098636 Ancestorium 
25 Campbell, Mary  1620Scotland I877870 Ancestorium 
26 Cockburn, Robert  Abt 1674Scotland I124500 Ancestorium 
27 Coniguish  Scotland I058682 Ancestorium 
28 Conley, Margaret  Scotland I137710 Ancestorium 
29 Corry, John 1st of Castelcoole  Scotland I033914 Ancestorium 
30 Dalmahoy, Ada Helen  Abt 1844Scotland I130032 Ancestorium 
31 Dand, Mungo  13 Sep 1849Scotland I133124 Ancestorium 
32 Davidson, William  Abt 1868Scotland I157354 Ancestorium 
33 de Lyon, John  1272Scotland I028729 Ancestorium 
34 Dickinson, Margaret  Abt 1535Scotland I130893 Ancestorium 
35 Dinne, Elspeth  Abt 1627Scotland I071524 Ancestorium 
36 Donaldson, Elizabeth Cattanach  4 Nov 1908Scotland I129284 Ancestorium 
37 Donnchadh, Mórmaer of Glenbervie  Abt 1004Scotland I120791 Ancestorium 
38 Drever, Thomas M.D.  Abt 1785Scotland I076231 Ancestorium 
39 Duncan, David  20 Jul 1805Scotland I125175 Ancestorium 
40 Duncan, George Gillespie  3 Oct 1806Scotland I125182 Ancestorium 
41 Duncan, Jane  22 Apr 1797Scotland I125131 Ancestorium 
42 Dunn, James  1699Scotland I108167 Ancestorium 
43 Dunn, Mary  c 1871Scotland I43 Ancestorium 
44 Dykes, Helen  1754Scotland I137716 Ancestorium 
45 Edgar, David F.  Mar 1872Scotland I158484 Ancestorium 
46 Findlay, M Charles  1869Scotland I029059 Ancestorium 
47 Fraser, George  Abt 1780Scotland I124452 Ancestorium 
48 Fraser, Margaret  Scotland I040131 Ancestorium 
49 Frier, James  1700Scotland I137695 Ancestorium 
50 Fulton, Eliza "Elizabeth"  10 Mar 1831Scotland I155105 Ancestorium 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mayoh, William  20 Jun 1847Scotland I154148 Ancestorium 
2 Woods, Captain John Andrew  14 Jun 1654Scotland I020798 Ancestorium 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abney-Hastings, Edith Maud 12th Countess of Loudoun  24 Feb 1960Scotland I000853 Ancestorium 
2 Adamson, Patrick Dean of Merchant Guildry  UNKNOWNScotland I080569 Ancestorium 
3 Browne, John  1 Jan 1685Scotland I124657 Ancestorium 
4 Bruce, Isabella  UNKNOWNScotland I020796 Ancestorium 
5 Campbell, Elspay  UNKNOWNScotland I100241 Ancestorium 
6 Campbell, Isabella  UNKNOWNScotland I099615 Ancestorium 
7 Cock, Albert  9 Apr 1984Scotland I145231 Ancestorium 
8 Craignell, Agnes  1677Scotland I121875 Ancestorium 
9 Cross, Enoch  1978Scotland I138965 Ancestorium 
10 Cullen, Janet  1913Scotland I364691 Ancestorium 
11 De Forsyth, Robert  UNKNOWNScotland I114268 Ancestorium 
12 de Quency, Robert  UNKNOWNScotland I113601 Ancestorium 
13 de Vere, Robert  1397Scotland I103967 Ancestorium 
14 Deforsyth, David Lord of Dykes  UNKNOWNScotland I114254 Ancestorium 
15 Dick, Agnes  UNKNOWNScotland I131839 Ancestorium 
16 Downie, John  28 May 1698Scotland I364608 Ancestorium 
17 Drummond, Josiah  1792Scotland I124717 Ancestorium 
18 Duncan, David  UNKNOWNScotland I125123 Ancestorium 
19 England, Edgar the Atheling King of  1110Scotland I002672 Ancestorium 
20 Grey, John of Chillingham  Aft 1267Scotland I049571 Ancestorium 
21 Heron, Margaret  1720Scotland I121870 Ancestorium 
22 Hoppar, Isobel  Abt 1525Scotland I132032 Ancestorium 
23 Innes, Margaret  UNKNOWNScotland I121556 Ancestorium 
24 Inveresk, Mary  1627Scotland I713311 Ancestorium 
25 Johnstone, James  1865Scotland I037012 Ancestorium 
26 Johnstone, Robert  UNKNOWNScotland I121555 Ancestorium 
27 Laurie, Margaret (Lawrie)  UNKNOWNScotland I000140 Ancestorium 
28 Liddel, Andrew  UNKNOWNScotland I000697 Ancestorium 
29 Lochhart, James  28 May 1936Scotland I124586 Ancestorium 
30 Macdougal, Alexander Chief 12th of Dunollie  1493Scotland I020439 Ancestorium 
31 Macdougal, Dougall Chief 15th of Dunollie  1586Scotland I020446 Ancestorium 
32 Macdougal, John Chief 14th of Dunollie  1563Scotland I020445 Ancestorium 
33 Macdougal, John Chief 17th of Dunollie  1634Scotland I020448 Ancestorium 
34 Mack, John  1627Scotland I713310 Ancestorium 
35 maclaren, a1 start  UNKNOWNScotland I000663 Ancestorium 
36 Maclaren, Alexander of East Haugh  1805Scotland I031714 Ancestorium 
37 Maclaren, Sarah  1 Mar 1960Scotland I000044 Ancestorium 
38 Maclean, Duncan (Hector or Samuel?)  1839Scotland I134931 Ancestorium 
39 Macleod, Anne  UNKNOWNScotland I123374 Ancestorium 
40 Maxwell, Archibald  UNKNOWNScotland I121461 Ancestorium 
41 Mclachlan, Henry  1890Scotland I000228 Ancestorium 
42 Mcvickar, Janet  Abt 1802Scotland I124729 Ancestorium 
43 Morier, Marie Louise  26 Nov 1958Scotland I000092 Ancestorium 
44 Munro, Robert  6 Nov 1633Scotland I1042292 Ancestorium 
45 Olifard, daughter  UNKNOWNScotland I040754 Ancestorium 
46 Patillo, Robert  Aft 1700Scotland I060357 Ancestorium 
47 Pinkertown, William  UNKNOWNScotland I131838 Ancestorium 
48 Robertson, Christina  20 Jul 1982Scotland I124288 Ancestorium 
49 Rogers, Bernard (Sr.)  Abt 1564Scotland I067241 Ancestorium 
50 Rogerson, William  1642Scotland I074494 Ancestorium 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Birtwell, Elizabeth  Sep 1869Scotland I158503 Ancestorium 
2 Birtwell, Elizabeth  Sep 1869Scotland I158503 Ancestorium 
3 Birtwhistle, John of Dundeugh  1803Scotland I153143 Ancestorium 
4 Campbell, dau.  Abt 1560Scotland I119799 Ancestorium 
5 Hector, Robert Alexander  Abt 1874Scotland I157710 Ancestorium 
6 Kissock, Agnes Jane Vardill Niven  1828Scotland I152961 Ancestorium 
7 Kissock, Agnes Jane Vardill Niven  1828Scotland I152961 Ancestorium 
8 McLean, Janet  Scotland I133452 Ancestorium 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cock, Albert  9 Apr 1980Scotland I145231 Ancestorium 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 French, Jane Ogilvie  11 Jan 1929Scotland I738 Ancestorium 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barbour / Brown  Scotland F53977 Ancestorium 
2 Ferguson / McIntyre  Abt 1806Scotland F65683 Ancestorium 
3 Mackgakye / Macdonald  Abt 1652Scotland F92587 Ancestorium 
4 Munster / Picts  Scotland F17646 Ancestorium 
5 Murray / Bennet  1744Scotland F55358 Ancestorium 
6 Woods / Campbell  1704Scotland F02461 Ancestorium